An incomplete smile can have a significant impact on your life and even prevent you from doing the things you love.  From eating, chewing, and speaking with confidence, dentures can fix several oral issues and improve your overall quality of life.

Dentures are made to replace your natural teeth and gums. The removable appliance helps to support facial muscles and improve your overall appearance. From partial to complete dentures, Dawson Dental offers a variety of restorative options to best meet your goals and budget.

What is the denture process?

The denture process typically involves several appointments. During your first consultation with our dental team, we will examine your teeth thoroughly to determine the right approach to replacing missing teeth and enhancing your smile. If some of your teeth are damaged or require extraction, our team of dentists will discuss your options with you to determine the most effective way to treat your dental conditions and to restore your bite to full functionality.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is designed to replace one or several teeth and can help you enjoy a gap-free smile and a more attractive appearance. But to wear them successfully the supporting teeth must be in good health.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures offer great benefits to individuals missing an entire arch of teeth, or all their teeth. These include the improved ability to chew and eat comfortably which may result in better daily nutritional intake and enjoyable meals.

Whether you need a full or partial set, dentures can replace teeth in a non-invasive way. There is no surgical element to worry about, and temporary dentures can be fitted immediately. This provides a quick and easy solution! If, however, you are looking for something that feels more natural and permanent, there are denture alternatives to consider. Our team would be happy to discuss treatment options with you.

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