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We Love Kids

Here at Dawson – We Love Kids!

We know how nerve-wracking it can be for a new parent bringing their child in or how a young child feels coming to see us for the first time.  That’s why we have made your child’s dental visit extra special. We have our very own kids program that allows them to feel accomplished, proud, and most importantly, comfortable.

Parents should take their children to the dentist for their first check-up within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. Subsequently, they should go for regular check-ups every 6 to 12 months, so your child’s dentist can monitor their oral hygiene, diet, and growth patterns. It is best if your child’s first experience occurs at a time before invasive dental work becomes necessary. Early dental checkups make it easier to build a good rapport with your child to establish a foundation of trust and comfort for future visits.

What to expect at your child’s first visit to the dentist:

We believe that healthy oral care for children starts with education. Kids are often a bit reluctant to visit the dentist, which is why we have a program in place to help make them feel comfortable so they enjoy their experience. When they feel at ease, they are more apt to learn and take a key interest in their own oral health. You can expect many things at your child’s first appointment: a ride in the dental chair, magic tricks with “Mr. Thirsty” and visiting the toy chest are just some of the fun components of their first experience. The first visit also includes counting of teeth and instruction on how to brush their teeth properly, all while your child looks at what is happening in a handheld mirror.

Great Oral Hygiene that lasts a Lifetime:

At Dawson, we believe preventative care starts with regular dental visits.  The number one dental problem in young children is tooth decay.  We take the time to educate and care for your children’s teeth, gums and mouth from an early age by introducing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  For added protection against cavities, dental sealants are a quick and painless procedure that is applied to your child’s premolars and permanent molars around 6 and 12 years of age.   They are highly recommended during the “cavity” prone years as bacteria usually reside in the grooves of the molars which causes tooth decay.

We love kids and tailor our services and perks with them in mind.

  • We offer options to ease anxiety/dental fear for children as young as two years old.
  • “Nanny Cams” have been installed in our play areas so you can relax during your appointment (not yet available at all locations).
  • Convenient hours are offered for busy families.
  • Treasure chest toys after their appointment help to put a bigger smile on their face.
  • Customized sports mouth-guards for your star athlete: Prevent Injuries with Sports Mouth Guards. One in four children will suffer from a mouth injury in their lifetime. Prevent these injuries by having your Dawson dentist create a custom sports mouth guard for your little athlete.

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