At Dawson, we believe everyone deserves a smile they can feel confident about, without having to wait. With our flexible payment plans, you can start treatment now and pay in affordable installments. Our online payment option makes the process faster and easier than ever.

How Dental Financing Works

Find out how much you will get approved for without affecting your credit score.


No commitment, no obligation

1. Apply Online

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Click on paybright to apply with our easy online application in under one minute.

2. Get a Response Right Away

Get an instant approval decision right away, displayed on screen along with the amount of funds available to you.

3. Complete Your Application

Finalize your payment plan.

4. Make Payments

PayBright will pay us directly with convenient pre-authorized monthly or semi-monthly payments from your designated bank account.

Also, keep in mind that you may be eligible to return 20% on your investment come tax time using Canada Revenue Agency’s medical expense tax credit.

Our dental financing is fast, simple, and has high approval. There is no down payment required. There is no collateral. We offer competitive interest rates and you can pay off your penalty at any time.

See if you are approved online today!