Transform your smile, pain free

Recognized as one of the most advanced and innovative forms of cosmetic dentistry, Lumineers are a faster, quicker, and completely painless alternative to traditional veneers. At just 0.2mm thick, Lumineers are fixed to your teeth without any tooth grinding or reduction procedures that traditional veneers require. By not altering the structure of your teeth, Lumineers also keep your teeth stronger and are completely removable if needed. Because they are so thin and ultra-lightweight, Lumineers are more translucent than traditional veneers and able to create a more natural-looking smile. With Lumineers, you can speak, eat and live your life to the fullest.

Lumineers can help with many dental imperfections such as:

brighten teeth and discolouration

  • eliminate gaps and spacing problems
  • restore chipped teeth
  • align crooked teeth
  • reshape your teeth
  • renew past dental work


  • Only 2 dental visits are needed
  • NO discomfort or pain
  • No drilling or injections are needed
  • Last 20+ years
  • They are reversible
  • Can be colour-modified

Are Lumineers Strong?

YES! Lumineers are made from porcelain, which is less likely to fracture, chip, or break. In most cases, if properly cared for, Lumineers resist wear and remain resilient for up to 20 years.

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