3 Celebrities With Gummy Smiles

The ratio of gum to teeth is an important balance to retain when smiling. Many people find that their gums overpower their smiles, limiting their self-confidence. This is a common problem in all areas of society, but fortunately, one that can be resolved with the latest gummy smile correction treatments.

In this latest post, we’ll highlight three celebrities with gummy smiles and showcase your full array of treatment options.

Nicole Kidman

The star of films such as “The Others” is known for her long legs and perfect blonde locks. But she also has a pronounced gummy smile that can be seen in numerous recent photographs online. Her gums are most prominent above her two front teeth. It’s rare that you’ll see her smile too broadly as it appears she’s quite shy in showing her smile to the world.

Gwen Stefani

Known for her outstanding vocals and unparalleled musical performances, Gwen Stefani’s prominent smile has been showcased at events across the country for many years. It’s rare that you’ll catch her displaying her full smile and showcasing her gum line for the cameras. You’ll likely see her trying to retain tight control over her mouth when she’s not performing for thousands of fans.

Katie Couric

Considered one of the most prominent media stars of the modern generation, Katie Couric is on camera on an almost daily basis. Her gummy smile has been seen by millions as she interviews everyone from musical guests to world leaders on the topics of the day. Katie’s look has changed considerably over her decades in the spotlight, but she’s retained her gummy smile which has been a centerpiece of her signature look.

Gummy Smile Correction Options

So now that you’ve read about several celebrities with gummy smiles, let’s examine several options for those who wish to correct their own smile for the long-term. Consider the following:

  • Crown lengthening: This procedure can lengthen the crown of the tooth in order to achieve your ideal aesthetic.
  • Laser Treatments: Some dentists are now using laser treatments to contour the gums and limit their prominence within the patient’s smile.
  • Lip Repositioning: In some cases, patients can choose to undergo lip repositioning, which enables the surgeon to cover part of the gums with their lips for a refreshed smile.

It’s important to work with your dentist to analyze the full range of gummy smile correction options available. A gummy smile doesn’t have to mean you’re not able to express yourself! Speak with our team now to learn more about your treatment options.