How Ayurvedic Care Can Help Keep Teeth Healthy

Ayurveda is one of the oldest whole-body healing systems. The premise of ayurvedic care is that the body’s natural healing mechanics can ensure peak health, and by using natural products, the patient can keep their systems performing flawlessly. Within this latest post, we’ll take a look at the oral health techniques used in ayurvedic care.

Employ a Tongue Scraper

Tongue cleaning has long been a popular ayurvedic care technique. By scraping the tongue, you can remove toxins and unhealthy bacteria. This is critical in reducing problems with bad breath and helps limit cavity issues associated with bacteria on the teeth and gums.

Switch to Herbal Toothpastes

The latest guidance from ayurvedic care experts highlights the impact that herbal toothpaste can have as part of a daily oral care regimen. Data shows that too much fluoride and baking soda can erode the tooth’s natural enamel while using natural products such as fennel, cinnamon, and clove can help minimize tooth erosion over time. Natural toothpaste can be found at health food stores throughout Canada.

Make Sesame Seeds a Part of Your Diet

Teeth issues have long been associated with calcium, magnesium, and zinc deficiency. Chewing mineral-rich white sesame seeds every morning can help compensate for these dietary deficiencies. You can then clean your teeth to ensure the residue of the sesame seeds works to keep your teeth clean and polished.

Chew on Licorice Root

Licorice root works to help clean your mouth and produce a higher level of saliva. This has a number of benefits. It reduces the number of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth, which works to minimize the number of cavities you experience over time. Your mouth will feel fresh and you’ll limit your visits to the dentist’s office.

Apply Coconut Oil Daily

The use of coconut oil has long been advocated as a way to minimize inflammation. By massaging your gums with coconut oil on a regular basis, you can eliminate gingivitis over time. Coconut oil works to minimize reddening and keep your gums in optimal condition.

To discover more on the full range of oral care benefits associated with ayurvedic techniques, speak with our trusted team directly. We can help guide you on the treatment options for ensuring your ideal oral health levels for years to come!