Should you be brushing and flossing more frequently during the Covid-19 lockdown?

With the Covid-19 imposed lockdown making work from home the “new normal”, many people are asking, “Should I brush more frequently if I am home longer?”


Should you brush and floss more frequently during the lockdown?

Speaking to CTV News, The president of the Ontario Dental Association said “there’s more attention required to the basics like brushing or flossing more often because we probably are snacking and eating a lot more throughout the day.”

If your eating habits have changed, you may need to brush and floss more than twice a day. If you have braces, Invisalign, or implants, you may need to clean them more frequently too.

With frequent snacking, coffees, and sugary drinks, teeth become more prone to the accumulation of plaque. Bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugars and rinsing the mouth with water after a meal is not effective at eliminating these.

Stay away from:

  • Sugary foods like candy
  • Carbonated soft drinks (diet or regular)
  • Hard foods like nuts and ice

These discolour teeth, wear them down and cause gingivitis. Foods with seeds and bones can also pierce the soft gum tissue and become lodged. Avoid them to reduce the possibility of dental emergencies.


Other tips for good oral hygiene during Covid-19


Keep toothbrushes separate

Your family will not have the same bacteria in their mouth as you. In fact, if someone is feeling unwell they can transmit the infection to you if your toothbrushes are kept in close contact. Use separate toothbrush holders for your family members. Clean the brush before every use too.


Sterilize brushes regularly

Do not use sanitizing wipes or disinfectants on your toothbrush or dental appliances! These can be toxic if ingested. Baby sterilizing tablets and liquid is a good way to sterilize toothbrush heads, retainers, gum shields, and Invisalign. 


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