Can Sleep Apnea Treatment Be Effective For COPD?

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a group of lung conditions that can make breathing exceptionally difficult. Now, new studies are showing that sleep apnea treatment can be effective for those suffering from COPD-related challenges. And so within this latest post, we’ll highlight the ways sleep apnea treatments can be effective for issues related to COPD.

Studies Show Value of Sleep Apnea Treatment

The CPAP machines used by patients with sleep apnea to control their breathing can also be used by COPD patients to improve their health over time. This was the summary of a recent study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, which outlined that CPAP machines can help lower mortality rates in COPD patients when COPD patients use the machine for two hours or more per night.

The use of CPAP machines has also been shown to be beneficial to patients who have used oxygen therapy over the long-term, as well as patients with an unusually high level of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.

Associated Benefits of CPAP Machines

CPAP treatment has a number of benefits for all types of patients. Whether the patient has suffered sleep apnea or not, they could achieve a greater level of sleep comfort by harnessing the latest CPAP treatment systems. The following are the associated benefits of treatment with CPAP Machines.

  • Daytime Alertness: CPAP use promotes daytime alertness by restoring the patient’s natural sleep patterns and eliminating pauses in their breathing during sleep.
  • Reducing Snoring: While the patient themselves might not notice, their partner will immediately notice how snoring can be minimized using CPAP technology.
  • Limiting Medical Expenses: Many people who go to their local doctor for sleep-related issues find they are linked to something more complex. Whether it’s trouble concentrating at work or confusion, psychological symptoms can result from a lack of quality sleep. CPAP machines can help to minimize these problems.

How to Get Access to CPAP Machines

Once patients have researched CPAP machines and their performance, they can then speak with their oral health professional about the benefits the machines might bring to their particular treatment process. The oral health specialist might refer the patient to a sleep disorder expert, who can then monitor their breathing and ensure that a CPAP machine will provide them with lasting sleeping comfort as well as mitigating the impact of COPD.

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