Can Teeth Grinding Affect Your Facial Structure?

We know that instances of teeth grinding are on the rise across the country. Thousands of Canadians are now experiencing teeth grinding problems on a daily basis. In order to mitigate grinding problems and find the optimal treatment, it’s critical to find out the impact teeth grinding can have. And so within this latest post, we’ll answer the question “Can teeth grinding affect your facial structure?”

Lasting Damage Can Occur

Lasting problems can occur as a result of grinding teeth. Many people find that, over time, continued teeth grinding can cause the muscles within the facial structure to bulk up. This can give the person a wider face and can alter their overall appearance significantly.

In addition, as the enamel on the teeth wears down as a result of the grinding, the person’s nose and chin can appear closer together. This can lead to a rounder facial appearance and have an impact on the person’s self-esteem over time. It’s no wonder many are seeking out solutions to their teeth grinding challenges!

Teeth Grinding Treatment Options

By learning more about their teeth grinding treatment and prevention options, those suffering the effects of grinding can slowly recover their oral health over time. The following options are suitable for a range of tooth grinding patients.

Mouth Guards

In some cases, where a person has been grinding their teeth for a short period of time, a specialist might recommend the use of mouthguards to prevent contact between teeth during the nighttime. Mouthguards can be custom-designed for the person’s mouth and can be used to prevent all forms of grinding, both between teeth and between teeth and cheek areas. It’s important for those considering mouth guards to work with an oral health specialist who has experience in mouthguard design and placement.

Muscle Relaxants

A person’s dentist or doctor might also prescribe muscle relaxants as a way to prevent them from grinding due to built-up stress in their muscles. Muscle relaxants are now used by patients around the globe to minimize instances of grinding and have the benefit of being available immediately for a swift response to impending tooth grinding problems.

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