Can Wisdom Teeth Lead To Overcrowding Of The Front Teeth?

Wisdom teeth tend to arrive during the late teen years, and for some, can bring significant pain as well as a number of oral health challenges. For many years, it was thought that wisdom teeth could cause overcrowding of the front teeth. This theory, which caused many to have their wisdom teeth removed, has since been disproven. But wisdom teeth do have a number of tangible and proven effects on the surrounding areas. In this latest post, we’ll take a look at the oral health challenges associated with wisdom teeth.

Impacted Teeth Have a Higher Risk of Infection

A tooth infection can have a number of serious consequences. It can impact the person’s mouth and teeth as well as their entire body. They might develop a fever, have a swollen jaw as well as dizziness over time. Impacted wisdom teeth carry with them a greater risk of tooth infection. It’s one of the main reasons oral health professionals recommend the swift removal of impacted wisdom teeth for all patients.

Prolonged Decay as a Result of Brushing Challenges

When a person cannot brush a tooth, that tooth is more likely to undergo decay over time. This has occurred time and again in patients with difficult to clean wisdom teeth. Often the wisdom teeth are located at the back areas of the mouth, beyond the reach of the toothbrush. Patients often don’t know that they are not brushing all their teeth during the cleaning process. The dental health professional will often recommend decaying wisdom teeth are removed to minimize the impact on the patient over the long-term.

Wisdom Teeth Can Block Other Teeth

Sometimes when a wisdom tooth grows in the mouth, it can block clear access to other healthy teeth in the area. This can cause a number of issues. It can prevent the patient from cleaning the teeth in that area, and it can also mean that the teeth are more likely to experience cavities and infections in time. In these instances, the dentist is likely to recommend wisdom tooth extraction in Newmarket as a way to ensure the patient has direct access to their healthy teeth.

Overcrowding challenges are not one of the core issues associated with wisdom teeth and their impact on the patient’s mouth. It’s important to work with your oral health specialist to assess wisdom tooth growth and how the teeth are affecting the surrounding area. Call our expert team now to learn more!