How To Deal With Bad Morning Breath

When bad breath impacts your day as well as the days of those around you, it can be very embarrassing. It can make you more conscious of the foods you eat and the ways in which you communicate with others. But if you’re struggling with breath issues, there are actions you can take to regain control. In this latest post, we take a look at how to deal with bad morning breath.

  1. Commit to Brushing and FlossingBrushing and flossing regularly can help you avoid bad breath in the morning. By using your brush and flossing using dentist-recommended techniques, you can remove the plaque and bacteria that are the leading causes of bad breath for many people.
  2. Brush and Scrape Your TongueYour tongue is designed to be sticky and to hold onto foods so that you can chew food products more easily. But oftentimes this means that food particles can be lodged in your mouth. It’s important to brush and scrape your tongue on a regular basis to get rid of the damaging bacteria that may be causing your bad breath.
  3. Use a Dentist-recommended RinseRinsing your mouth with mouthwash is another great way to minimize the number of bacteria within your mouth. Most specialists recommend rinsing with a mixture of water and peppermint oil to freshen your breath without irritating your oral tissue.
  4. Quit SmokingWe know it’s a difficult habit to quit, but smoking is a leading factor behind bad breath. We recommend strongly that you quit your smoking habit if you are committing to having nice breath throughout 2017. Not only will quitting smoking help ensure you have fresh breath, but it will also mitigate the impact tobacco use has on your throat and the rest of your body, too.
  5. Hydrate EffectivelyDrinking your daily recommended amount of water is the best way to maintain your oral health over the coming months. Hydration can also keep your breath under control. Water can wash away bacteria that can linger within your mouth and become a leading source of bad breath over time.

Our experts are here to guide you in managing your bad breath as you build an effective oral health maintenance routine in 2017! To discover more tips for regaining control over your breath in the coming months, speak with our experts directly today!