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Dental Tooth Decay Filling Treatment

Why are fillings necessary?

Bacteria lives on your teeth. Every time you eat something you are feeding the bacteria. After they eat, they produce a very strong acid that eats away at your teeth. If you don’t remove this sticky layer of bacteria (known as plaque) by brushing and flossing, the bacteria will keep destroying your tooth structure until you get a hole in your tooth. These holes are known by many names, such as tooth decay, cavities, and dental caries.

Did you know?

Hundreds of years ago (before dental fillings existed), cavities eventually caused people so much pain that they would have the tooth removed.

Today, your dentist can help you keep your decayed teeth. All that needs to be done is to have the bacteria professionally removed and then to replace the hole in the tooth with a hard, tooth-like material known as a dental filling.

Once we have restored your teeth with tooth-coloured materials, these restorations will serve you well for several years. The material used contains small “filler” particles of glass like material for strength and wear resistance. They contain the finest and most up-to-date materials available today.

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