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Dental Freezing Numbness Treatment

Have you ever rescheduled a dental appointment because you had a speech to give, meeting to attend or even a family dinner!?

With OraVerse, you no longer have to worry about the lasting effects of your dental appointment.

Our patients told us what they wanted! We listened!

Introducing OraVerse® – New To Canada. Reduce Freezing Numbness In Half The Time.

80% of dental patients are interested in reversing the amount of time their freezing and numbness would last.

What is OraVerse?

OraVerse is an innovative treatment that can minimize the limitations that are typically associated with lingering numbness following dental treatment. Administered similarly to regular dental anesthesia (freezing), OraVerse can have you feeling back to normal twice as fast. Now you will be able to smile, speak and drink normally much sooner! OraVerse (Phentolamine Mesylate) is the first and only dental local anesthesia reversal agent.

What can I expect?

With OraVerse, you will experience a similar sensation to what you would normally feel as the numbness dissipates following your dental appointment. The biggest difference is – your normal sensations will be restored much faster! OraVerse will come at no additional cost to Dawson Dental Centre patients, just another way we are elevating our level of service and enhancing our overall patient experience.

Will my appointment take longer if I ask my Dentist for OraVerse?

Receiving OraVerse will not add any length of time to your dentist appointment.  It is a simple procedure that can be performed easily while you are still in the treatment chair.

Does the injection for OraVerse hurt?

Since OraVerse is given while you are still numb, most patients do not experience any discomfort from the injection.

What is the fee for OraVerse?

Your Dawson Dental Team is excited to offer this breakthrough service to you at no additional charge.  We strive to provide our patients with the highest standard of care, and that includes offering services that increase your comfort and convenience.