Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Lead To Changes In Facial Structure?

Wisdom tooth extraction can help patients to eliminate a painful tooth or to minimize inflammation and infections. But many patients have a number of concerns about the process and its repercussions. Within this latest post, our trusted dentists will take a look at the question “Does wisdom tooth extraction lead to changes in facial structure?” and does getting your wisdom teeth removed hurt?

Unlikely to Change Facial Areas

It’s important to note that wisdom teeth removal in Newmarket rarely has an impact on a person’s facial structure regardless of the wisdom tooth shape. Once their post-operative swelling goes down, patients will find that their face realigns with the previous contours, giving the person the same appearance they had before they had their wisdom teeth removed. It is not recommended to remove wisdom teeth for aesthetic reasons.

Further Benefits to Wisdom Tooth Removal

In understanding the changes that can take place as a result of having wisdom teeth removed, patients should gain a clear insight into the benefits of the removal process. The following are several rarely considered benefits of wisdom tooth removal:

  • Improved bite

    A leading consideration when analyzing the potential for wisdom teeth removal is the patient’s bite. Oftentimes, their bite will be affected by incoming wisdom teeth. And by removing wisdom teeth, dental professionals can help patients keep the optimal shape of their bite for simple chewing.

  • Reduced number of cavities

    One of the reasons that a person might have a wisdom tooth removed is when the tooth has a large cavity that is difficult for the dentist to fill. Removing the wisdom tooth can give the patient more room to brush surrounding teeth and can help them limit their number of cavities in the future.

  • Enhanced denture use

    For older patients considering wisdom tooth removal, denture use can be an important consideration. Removing the wisdom tooth can allow the patient to seamlessly slip the dentures in and out of place.

Wisdom tooth removal is now one of the most commonly completed dental surgeries within North America. To learn more about the removal process and the potential impact the process can have on your life, contact our expert clinical team today.