How General Dentists Improve Your Overall Health

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By understanding more about your oral health, you can gain an appreciation for how general dentists improve your overall health. Your general dentist can help mitigate many common and often lifelong health problems through their understanding of the connection between the mouth and the rest of your body. In this latest post, we’ll explain some examples of how a general dentist can improve your overall health:

Limiting Gum Disease

Gum disease isn’t just a problem that affects your teeth and gums. It’s an issue that, if not dealt with effectively, can cause health problems that limit your day-to-day activities. The bacteria present in patients with gum disease has been linked to an increased chance of the patient experiencing other health problems.

Monitoring the Link Between Periodontal Disease and the Lungs

In addition to impacting your heart over time, periodontal disease can also have a significant impact on your lungs. The bacteria present within the plaque on your teeth can travel down to the lungs and make illnesses, such as a respiratory infection, worse. General dentists monitor the potential risk for this problem and can help you to get periodontal disease under control. They do this by identifying the signs of a problem and then stopping the progression of the disease in its tracks.

Protecting Patients with Diabetes

A dentist can help diabetes patients to manage their side effects. Patients with diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease and related problems. General dentists can mitigate the impact of gum disease, and help diabetes patients maintain their oral health as they manage their symptoms.

For many patients, general dentists are the first line of defense against a range of challenging medical issues. It’s important to consult with your dentist on a regular basis to ensure peak oral health and to manage any side effects experienced as a result of medical conditions.

Our dentists are available to give consultations and help you learn more about the links between oral and general health.