Toronto East York (Broadview) – Dr. Rola Al-Shawaf

Patient satisfaction is Dr. Alshawaf’s number one priority. She always goes above and beyond for her patients’ oral and overall health, providing a positive experience with every appointment. She greatly enjoys interacting with and educating kids on the importance of preventative dentistry and oral health in the early years. She loves to perform dental treatments while using age-appropriate distraction techniques.

Ironically, Dr. Alshawaf feared getting dental treatment growing up. She believes that her fear is what helped her to become the compassionate, empathetic dentist she is today. She starts any consultation with an open mind and a friendly chat. She never rushes this process as it lays the foundation for the entire dental experience. Dr. Alshawaf strongly encourages her patients to express their fears and anxieties before and during treatments. She will not hesitate to take a break if a patient needs a breather.

Raised in a household of girls who loved science, Dr. Alshawaf loved to watch Grey’s Anatomy and House. These fueled her passion for helping others using modern-day medicine. Now that she and her sisters are all health care professionals, their social gatherings are always chock-full of medical stories! Fate also led her to marry someone with the same passion for science.