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Oraverse Freezing Reversal

Introducing OraVerse® To Reduce Freezing Numbness In Half The Time.

80% of dental patients are interested in reversing the amount of time their freezing and numbness would last. Dawson Dental Centre is thrilled to announce the addition of OraVerse (Phentolamine Mesylate), the first and only dental local anesthesia reversal agent.

Brand new to Canada, OraVerse is an innovative treatment that enables patients to quickly return to normal function and sensation following their our dental centre. It has been proven to reverse the effects of anesthesia in half the time. In other words, it will allow dental patients, over the age of 7, to return to school or work without lacking the ability to smile, speak or drink normally.

“For almost 20 years my teams and I have been answering questions about the duration of freezing  and now not only do I have a treatment that reduces the time in half but, it also decreases the chance of self-inflected  injuries such as: biting their tongue or cheek” exclaimed Dr. Gelfand excitedly.

OraVerse will come at NO additional cost to our dental patients, just another way we are elevating our level of service and enhancing our overall patient experience. If you have any questions be sure to speak to your dentist or our team at your next check-up.

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