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Having trouble convincing your kids – or yourself – to bite the bullet and get braces? Well, it should come as no surprise that a lot of celebrities weren’t born with their mega watt smiles. They either had braces as teenagers or did some fine-tuning later in life. Plus, since the introduction of Invisalign® Invisible Braces over 10 years ago, plenty of famous faces have been able to improve their smiles and the hordes of flash-bulb popping paparazzi hardly even noticed.

Famous Faces Who Wore Braces When They Were Young

Prince Harry

Before: Prince Harry Braces Before After: Prince-Harry-Braces-After As a teenager, Prince Harry was often photographed wearing a set of braces. He recently announced plans that will certainly make his teeth chatter – he’s planning to trek to the South Pole with wounded veterans this November in the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied challenge.

Drew Barrymore

Drew-Barrymore-Braces In the spotlight as a child actress, she got braces at an early age. Today, this long time CoverGirl spokesperson has plenty to smile about. She recently launched her own makeup line called Flower at Walmart with the tagline ‘Love the way you look.’

Miley Cyrus

Before: Miley-Cyrus-Braces After: Miley Cyrus Braces After Miley rhymes with Smiley. Not surprisingly, she made sure she had a great smile as a teenager by getting braces. But seeing as she was playing Hannah Montana at the time, she chose to wear lingual braces behind