The Value Of Flossing

It’s something your dentist reminds you of during each visit. Flossing is instrumental to your long-term oral health, but few of us have a clear understanding of the value flossing can offer us as part of our daily dental care regimen. To help provide you with more information on flossing and its impact, this latest post presents five benefits of flossing.

  1. Flossing Removes Particles Your Brush Cannot ReachMany people believe that brushing alone can keep their teeth and gums healthy, but it’s important to recognize that brushing will not keep your teeth in great shape unless you floss. Using floss, you can remove the leftover food remnants that can become stuck between your teeth, and floss is critical in getting rid of plaque caught between your teeth.
  2. Flossing Protects Your GumsAt the intersection of the teeth and the gums is where flossing is its most valuable for oral health. Here, food particles will become lodged and then harden over time. This then causes a thick deposit that only your dentist will be able to safely remove. If left unchecked, the impact from these particles can then cause tooth infections as well as swollen gums, and eventually tooth and bone loss.
  3. Flossing Reduces Dental CostsWe’ve learned now that flossing can help to prevent gum disease and remove the plaque buildup that leads to tooth infections. This means that flossing can also save you money on your dental treatments. Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars getting implants to replace infected teeth, wouldn’t it be better to spend a few dollars each month on floss to mitigate the pain and cost of treatment altogether?
  4. Flossing Will Prevent Bad BreathWe know that the food particles lodged in our mouths after we eat are at least partially to blame for problems with bad breath. Flossing removes these particles completely and helps you maintain fresh breath for all work and social activities. You’ll feel fresh morning till night if you keep up with your flossing!
  5. Flossing Minimizes Problems with FillingsBy using floss on a regular basis, you can minimize potential issues with fillings. Fillings can be impacted by bacteria and other natural elements, and flossing removes these elements from the mouth to keep your mouth at its cleanest!

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