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Looking for a Toronto Dentist?

We’ve been finding that lots of people have been finding our Rosedale dental office through Googling “Dentist Toronto“. We can understand why people want to find a dentist closeby, which is why we’ve introduced this location to the Dawson family. We’re conveniently located at 120 Bloor Street East in Toronto, also known as the Rosedale area. We’re close to Bloor and Sherbourne in the same office as Rosedale Wellness Centre.

We’ve also noticed people searching these terms on Google to find us:

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  • dental implants toronto
  • invisalign toronto
  • toronto dentist
  • dental veneers toronto
  • dentistry asleep toronto
These are all services provided by Dr. Naila Ladha and Dr. Edward Gelfand. Our dentists work alongside our dental hygienists to provide both general and cosmetic dentistry.

Many of us think of cosmetic dentistry as an elite service reserved for Hollywood stars and celebrity models. The fact is, we’ve come a long way and today’s modern cosmetic dental techniques are fast, simple, affordable and, best of all, pain-free. There’s no reason to put that radiant smile on hold.

The techniques used to disguise flaws like defects, severe stains, chips and fractures can be done in the dental office as part of a single regular appointment. The method is called bonding or veneering. We can build up a tooth that’s too small and fill in spaces between teeth that are too far apart. We can even make fillings that are hard to detect because they are tooth-colored. You can choose to fix just one tooth or spruce up your whole smile – it’s up to you.

Bonding materials are the closest thing we have to mother nature. They can be toned and sculpted to a shade and shape that closely matches your real teeth. The look and feel is so natural the only difference you’ll be able to detect is that extra sparkle in your smile.

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