What is Freezing Reversal, and How Can You Benefit from It?

Many dental procedures require numbing, which we’re grateful for; fillings, crowns, and root canals would be very painful otherwise. But that numb feeling can be a nuisance after the work is completed, so much so that dental freezing reversal, also known as OraVerse, was created to dissipate the freezing faster and allow you to return to your day.

Dental numbing removes sensation from your gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue. While this is beneficial during the actual dental work, having a frozen mouth afterward gets in the way of normal activity. You are more prone to injury from accidentally biting your tongue or cheek. Talking and eating are also rendered more difficult by lack of oral sensation.

If you’d rather have normal feeling restored immediately after your dental work, versus waiting hours for it to wear off naturally, OraVerse may be for you. Here are some criteria to help you determine if you’re a good candidate:

  • It’s very important to you to regain feeling in your lips and tongue, normal speech, and the ability to drink normally as quickly as possible after a dentist visit
  • The dental procedure itself does not cause damage to your gums or jaw bone, such as surgery, a root canal, or tooth extraction

If you are undergoing a more extensive procedure that requires some cutting into the soft tissue, OraVerse is not recommended. This is because the numbing your dentist will give you is essential to a comfortable recovery. In this instance, take time off your normal routine to allow the numbing to wear off gradually so that the pain of the procedure can subside with it.

Benefits of Dental Freezing Reversal

If you need to get back to work immediately after seeing the dentist and are expected to speak in a meeting, to customers, or to your boss, having a frozen mouth can be a real issue. The potential of drooling only adds to the hassle and embarrassment. Freezing reversal allows you to resume speaking normally, which due to your work, may be non-negotiable. Whether you are leading a board meeting, speaking to a classroom, or relaying the day’s specials to a table of restaurant patrons, there are many types of job which require verbal acuity.

For some people, a frozen mouth adds to the overall anxiety of a dentist visit. Not being able to feel or control their mouth, lips, and tongue can be a very unnerving feeling. If your anxiety could be controlled by removing dental numbing as soon as possible, it may help you avoid developing a fear of future dentist visits.

With dental numbness, it’s hard to tell if you’re biting your lip or cheek. Patients often bite themselves so hard they break flesh, leading to an injury to the issue you just had fixed. Some people are more prone to biting themselves than others. If you already do this often, you might want to make sure you reduce the chances of doing it more because of dental freezing.

Finally, if you are attending a social event after your dental work, you’ll probably want a fully functioning mouth. Eating and drinking are greatly hindered by dental freezing. If you are accepting champagne flutes and hors d’oeuvres, you’ll want to avoid a messy scene caused by drooling. Between making small talk, enjoying food and drink, and being able to enjoy the moment without distraction or oral numbness, OraVerse can be very helpful.

Of course, dental freezing reversal is not for everyone. OraVerse belongs to a class of medication that may cause low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, or irregular heart rhythm. Be sure to discuss your medical history with your dentist prior to receiving OraVerse, particularly if you have had any cardiac events.

If you’ve considered your situation and medical suitability and have decided you’d like to try a dental freezing reversal, talk to your dentist prior to your procedure. OraVerse does not add any time to your appointment. It is administered quickly and painlessly while you’re still in the chair. OraVerse is not typically covered by insurance, so determine the cost before making an official request.

You no longer have to deal with oral numbness following dental work. Eating, drinking, socializing, and feeling comfortable are all possible within minutes of getting up from the dentist’s chair. It’s simple, quick, and could make your overall experience at the dentist that much better.

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