What is Teeth in a Day?

Implants are some of the best teeth replacement options for patients. However, procedures can take weeks or months to complete and not everyone can be without teeth for that long. Enter Teeth in a Day. As the name suggests, patients can get Teeth in a Day in one day. No wonder it is called same-day dental implants.

The Teeth in a Day procedure bears resemblance to All-on-4 dental implants and the procedure itself is similar to getting dental implants. We’ll explain Teeth in a Day in this article and help you understand if you can benefit from it.


What is Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is a type of dental implant. Diseased teeth will be removed and a full arch will be restored in a single visit. Titanium implants are placed in the jaw and a denture is placed on top immediately. In time, the implants will fuse with the jaw bone.

Like any procedure for dental implants, Teeth in a Day requires thorough examination and planning. You can get new teeth in one day but there will be multiple visits to the dentist.


Same-day dental implants

The phrase “same-day dental implants” is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, a patient will not be without teeth for even a single day. However, multiple visits to the dentist are essential for a complete assessment of oral health, X-rays, scans, and preparation of the implant.


Who can benefit from Teeth in a Day?

Anyone who is looking for whole arch reconstruction will find Teeth in a Day a viable option. This can be for the upper or the lower arch. If you have lost teeth recently, the sooner you get Teeth in a Day, the greater the chances of a satisfactory procedure. Patients often opt to have a few remaining teeth and diseased teeth removed to facilitate implants.


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Procedure for getting dental implants in one day

The Teeth in a Day procedure requires careful planning, complete examination, preparation, and, finally, insertion of the implant. A typical same-day dental implant procedure will involve the following steps.

1.       A patient visits the dentist to get dental X-rays, get a thorough examination of the mouth, and have impressions made. A CT scan of the jawbone will be taken to determine the location of the implant.


2.       A temporary removable denture to place over the implants will be moulded.


3.       On ‘the day’ of Teeth in a Day, any damaged or diseased teeth will be removed. The implant posts will be placed and the temporary denture will be placed on top.


4.       Once the implants have fused to the jawbone and your gums have healed, the abutments will be placed and impressions for the final denture will be captured.


5.       Once the denture is prepared, the final arch will be restored and the procedure is complete.


Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day are, basically, implants which mean they come with all the associated benefits. Implants themselves are long-lasting, appear natural, and require little to no maintenance other than ordinary oral care. As such, here are some benefits of Teeth in a Day.

  •           Treatment time is much shorter compared to other implants
  •           Results are visible immediately
  •           No time spent having to live without teeth
  •           Full or nearly full functionality available from the first day itself
  •           Facial structure and speech remain the same
  •          Retain a beautiful smile throughout


Interested in Teeth in a Day?

If you are considering getting Teeth in a Day, Dawson Dental is your obvious dental services provider. Our clinics are equipped to handle all examinations and diagnostics in-house, which means less hassle for you. What’s more, our dentists have worked with thousands of patients for their implants. You know you are in safe and experienced hands at Dawson Dental. Schedule a free consultation with a dental professional about Teeth in a Day for yourself or a loved one.