Why Should You Have a Family Dentist?


You have a family doctor, but what about a family dentist? A family dentist can serve the general needs of your whole family, performing routine checkups and fixing issues as they arise. A family dentist will accept patients as young as two years old and can treat family members of any age.

A family dentist makes it easy to schedule everyone’s dental checkups, store patient files, and maintain a relationship with a dental care provider. It’s essential to have one who knows your family’s dental history and can remark on any negative changes.

If you don’t already have a family dentist, contact us today to discuss signing your family up for group dental care!

Protect Your Family’s Dental Health

The main reason to have a family dentist is to have a consistent dental professional working to maintain everyone’s oral health. No matter the age of your family members, mouths are susceptible to issues like cavities, gum disease, or injuries to the teeth. Dentists can even recognize more serious oral conditions, such as oral cancer, and bring them to your attention.

Kids should have their first dental appointment around the age of two, or whenever two baby teeth grow in side by side. Little ones are just as prone to tooth decay and the accompanying pain. As kids mature, their teeth may come in at odd angles, and their dentist will need to determine if they should be referred to an orthodontist.

Routine dental visits should be scheduled twice yearly. Consistent appointments will keep your family’s mouths healthy and prevent any unwanted surprises down the road.


Having a family dentist makes it much easier to organize everyone’s dental care. Your clinic’s admin staff will have a full record of your family’s dental history and can remind you of upcoming appointments. The convenience of being able to schedule appointments for different family members simultaneously or back-to-back at one clinic can make all the difference in your busy life.
It’s so helpful having all your information in one place. A clinic that knows your family by name and greets you with a friendly “hello” can make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Learn Better Habits

It’s important to educate your children about good oral health. A family dentist makes it a point to educate their patients on how to properly care for their teeth at home. Your kids will learn proper flossing techniques, how to brush their teeth, and signs to look out for that indicate they need to step up their routine.

It’s not only kids that need a gentle reminder to brush and floss, but adults also! The grown-ups of the family can learn about how to care for their mature teeth.

Set a Good Example For Your Children

Kids learn so much from their parents, that’s why it’s so important to set a good example for them. If they see you brushing, flossing and going to the dentist regularly, it won’t occur to them not to do the same.

Oral health is something many people take for granted until an issue arises that causes pain and interferes with daily life. Setting a good example for your kids will help them maintain good habits as they grow.

Establish A Baseline

One of the strongest reasons for having a family dentist is to establish a baseline for everyone’s dental health so that they can monitor any changes or abnormalities.

A family dentist will take x-ray images of every family member’s mouth, perform an assessment checkup, and do a short interview with each person. Over subsequent appointments, the dentist will be able to form a clear picture of your family’s dental health.

Head Off Problems At The Pass

Dentists are able to identify issues like periodontal disease, oral cancer, and infection, all of which can be detrimental to your health. By going to the dentist regularly, they have a better chance of identifying these issues before they become severe.

A family dentist is a must for keeping your family’s oral health in check. No matter the ages of your family members, dental issues can always crop up and wreak havoc. It’s important to instill good dental care habits in every family member, especially young children. Just like a family doctor, a family dentist is an integral part of your family’s wellness plan!

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