When Will Your Kids Lose Their Primary Teeth?

Primary teeth, also called baby teeth, play an important role in your child’s first few years of life. But as they grow older, children develop their permanent teeth or adult teeth.

Within this latest article, our kid’s dentistry professionals address the question: “At what age do kids lose their primary teeth?”

Permanent Teeth

At the age of six, children will begin to lose their primary teeth as the roots weaken – this process typically lasts until the age of 12.

A child’s permanent teeth will typically come in around the age of six. These are called the “first molars.” Often, the first teeth to come in at this age are the upper and lower first molars and the lower central incisors. Additionally, these teeth might look yellow – but this is completely normal. Your dentist can assess your child’s first permanent teeth during their next routine dental exam.

Recognize Kids’ Teeth Issues

It’s important to speak with your dentist to discuss concerns with your child’s teeth at the earliest possible opportunity. For example, a child may lose their primary teeth early for a number of reasons, including an accident or infection. This could lead to more serious issues in adulthood, so it’s best to book a dental appointment to alleviate any concerns.

To prevent tooth decay, many dentists recommend sealants. Sealants protect the chewing surfaces of teeth. Children often experience tooth decay in their back molars and premolars, so it’s recommended for your child to get sealants when their permanent molars come in.

Remind Children of the Optimal Care Techniques

In recognizing your child’s oral development, it’s important that you reinforce the importance of optimal oral care. To instill good brushing habits, try to establish a regular routine for brushing and flossing. Even more, explain to your child the importance of having healthy teeth when they get older.

Additionally, an important part of this process is explaining the job of the dentist, and ensuring that your child is comfortable with the dentist. By asking the dentist questions and learning more about proper oral health care, your child will be able to protect their teeth and gums in the coming years.

By understanding how to recognize common dental health challenges for children, and ensuring your child is on schedule for the arrival of their permanent teeth, you can keep your child happy and healthy for the years to come. To discuss your child’s oral health needs, call our team today.