4 Signs You Need Urgent Dental Care

If you don’t have significant experience within the dental field, it can be difficult to determine when you require urgent care. The signs that you require urgent dental care are not always easy to identify, which is why it’s important to gain knowledge on the subject from dental professionals. To help you understand when urgent dental care is required, we’re highlighting four signs in this latest post.

Red Gums

One of the most common indicators of gum disease is red gums. Without regular dental cleanings, plaque can harden into tartar where your teeth and gums meet, causing gingivitis – an early stage of gum disease. If your gums are red and sore or bleed easily when you brush or floss, it’s recommended to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Trouble Eating

If you experience toothaches while you bite or chew, it’s important that you see a dentist to resolve the problem. Additionally, if your teeth are sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet foods, this is a warning sign that you should see a dentist. By receiving the dental care you need, you can overcome the problem and ensure you’re able to eat the foods you love once again.


If you are experiencing swelling, pain, or a fever, or if you have a bad taste in your mouth, you may have an abscessed tooth. A tooth abscess is an infection that can impact the health of the tooth pulp and can lead to infection in your jaw, teeth, and surrounding tissues. A dentist can examine your teeth, determine the extent of the infection and resolve the problem with effective treatment.

You Have Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be the result of TMD or any number of other dental health conditions. It could also be referred pain from a wisdom tooth or another tooth within your mouth. Jaw pain can radiate to your face, temples, and ears, making it more difficult to concentrate on work or other matters in your life. The sooner the pain is addressed, the more comfortable you’ll be in the long-term. Make sure to report any jaw pain to your dentist for further examination.

Our trusted dental health team is here to guide you in resolving any dental emergencies. To discover when a trip to your dental care clinic is required, contact us directly.