Getting broken or chipped teeth repaired

Just because the enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body it does not mean teeth are unbreakable. In fact, teeth can be cracked, chipped, or broken if the mouth receives a blow (like falling) or if you bite something hard. Teeth are also susceptible to weakening due to decay – and more likely to break due to poor hygiene or underlying condition.

If your tooth has broken, don’t worry. A dentist has a number of options for repairing chipped and broken teeth.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Dawson Dental will continue to schedule emergency appointments. If you or someone you know has broken, chipped, or cracked a tooth, speak to us immediately.

What to do if you have chipped or broken a tooth?

Take out the broken fragments of a tooth from your mouth. Store the tooth or its fragments in a liquid – saliva, milk, or distilled water – to preserve it till your dentist can see you. If you are in pain, place an ice pack against your mouth.

Emergency appointment for a broken tooth

Treatment options for chipped and broken teeth

How a broken tooth will be treated depends on the damage or if it has fallen out completely. Small chips can be repaired with a single visit to the dentist. More extensive damage may need to be repaired over a few sessions.


If the damage is to a tooth at the back of the mouth, a dentist can use a filling to restore the shape of the tooth and fill the cavity. Fillings cannot be used for front teeth.


A veneer can cover minor chips and cracks and make the tooth look healthy again. A dental veneer is a porcelain or resin composite that matches the color of the tooth. It is applied to the front of the tooth.


Dental bonding is used to repair front teeth. Dentists usually use a composite resin that matches the color of the tooth and bonds it to the chipped part of the tooth.

Cap or crown

If the damage to the tooth is extensive or if the tooth is decayed a cap or a crown will be placed to repair the tooth. These can be made of metal, porcelain, resin or ceramic. Each material has its own benefits and patients should ask the dentist about which will be right for them.

Root canal

If the root of the tooth is impacted but the top has broken off a root canal may be required. A post will be placed in the canal and surrounded by a bonding filler that will form the root of the tooth. Once it has set, the dentist will bond a crown over it to restore the tooth.

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