Tips For Cleaning And Storing Your Toothbrush

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Regardless of the quality of your toothbrush, if you don’t clean and store the brush effectively it can lose its value as a health tool. Ineffective cleaning and storage processes can cause bacteria to settle on the brush. This bacteria can then enter your mouth and potentially cause infections over time. And so within this latest post, our trusted team outlines their quick guide to toothbrush cleaning and storage.

Make Sure You Rinse Carefully

Rinsing your toothbrush is one of the most important elements in keeping the brush within its optimal condition over the long-term. By rinsing the product with hot water, you can help to remove many of the germs that might live between the bristles. During the rinsing, you can use your thumb to move the bristles around, ensuring that the hot water makes contact with all areas of the brush. It’s important to rinse the toothbrush before brushing as well, to remove any dust or contaminants that have settled on it since your last brushing.

Dry the Brush Completely

The bacteria that cause gum disease are anaerobic, which means they thrive in a low oxygen environment and can be killed by being exposed to air. By simply ensuring that your toothbrush is dry between cleanings, you can kill a large number of bacteria that might have settled on the bristles. This means that you should also store your brush in a space where it’s exposed to air and away from the surfaces of a cabinet, or any other area that could also harbour dangerous germs.

Ensure Brush Is Stored Upright

One of the leading mistakes many people make in trying to retain oral health over the long-term is storing their toothbrush laid down on a flat surface. This can cause moisture to settle within the bristles, providing the ideal breeding ground for germs. Storing your toothbrush in the upright position ensures that all the water drains downwards and any bacteria in the area moves away from the bristles and towards the handle of the brush, where it can’t have the same lasting impact on your oral health.

By following the techniques highlighted in this post for cleaning and storing your toothbrush, you can help keep the brush in a safe and effective condition across its functional life. Our team is ready today to help you learn more about brush cleaning. Call us now to discuss cleaning techniques with a qualified specialist.