David Cho


Known as “The gentle dentist” amongst his patients, Dr. Cho always puts the needs of his patients first. He prefers to educate and advise them on all potential treatment options so they can make an informed decision. Ultimately, the patient is in complete control.

Dr. Cho is passionate about oral surgery because he likes to take away any feelings of discomfort that his patients might be experiencing due to wisdom teeth, a missing tooth, etc. Dr. Cho also enjoys cosmetic dentistry because he believes a smile should never be hidden. If he can restore his patients’ self-confidence, that is very rewarding to him. Prosthodontics are a key aspect of reconstructive dentistry and require a keen eye for detail and unwavering perfectionism, both of which Dr. Cho has!

He is very team-oriented and enjoys the family-type environment at Dawson.

He speaks English, French and Korean.